Telepsychology Appointments

Telepsychology is the delivery of psychological services using interactive audio and audiovisual electronic systems: the client and the therapist are not located in the same physical setting. The system I use for this service is called VSEE, and the software uses encryption from end to end to maximize privacy.

Telepsychology services offer accessibility to psychological care and convenience.

As long as you live in the State of New York, you are eligible to use this service.

A disclosure form is located in the “getting started section,” which explains in more detail the process. Downloading the VSEE system is very simple and takes a few minutes, it is similar to Skype.

VSEE. Encrypted video conferencing. VSEE is simple to download into your smartphone or android phone, laptop or desktop computer. VSEE end to end encryption is ethically compliant for telemedicine and psychological services.

SIGNAL (whisper systems), is an APP you can download for free into your smartphone or android phone. Signal allows for secure, end to end encrypted text messaging, voice and video calls

Telepsychology Consent Form